ACUTE – Accessibility and Connectivity knowledge hub for Urban Transformation in Europe

The Knowledge Hub ACUTE has been established under the framework of ERA-NET EN-UAC. The project started in November 2022 and will last 2 years with a dedicated view to become a permanent contact point for the community.

ACUTE will address the challenges of sustainable urban passenger mobility, freight transport and connectivity as an integral and essential part of sustainable urban development. The project wants to enable cross-project cooperation, extract and consolidate knowledge of all existing ENU-UAC projects, initiate efforts to support practitioners and bring together experts from different sectors.

The Knowledge Hub ACUTE will support the program EN-UAC and its projects by:

  • Helping to overcome the fragmentation of findings and experiences
  • Create a space for stakeholder exchange
  • Enable cross-project cooperation; consolidate and synthesise knowledge
  • Support practitioners, policy-makers and funders with the mainstreaming of research results; and
  • Provide strategic support for the Program DUT.

Public Events


Seminar: ACUTE Accessibility and Connectivity – Knowledge Hub for Urban Transformation in Europe – 15-minute city research seminar.
Polytechnic of Milano, Italy. Read more here.


EN-UAC Midterm Bucarest: ACUTE will be conducting a workshop for all EN-UAC projects where first results of the projects mapping and knowledge consolidation will be presented.

  • ACUTE presentation

Download ACUTE’s presentation here

  • ACUTE survey

Download ACUTE’s summary of survey – results presented in Bucharest at the joint ERA-NET Cofund Urban Accessibility and Connectivity Joint Meeting (15-16 May), here.


ACUTE / UERA TWG Urban Accessibility and Connectivity: Research Seminar

Accessibility and Connectivity of the 15-minute-city
ACUTE / UERA TWG Urban Accessibility and Connectivity
Scientific seminar, open to practitioners
11 October 2023 9.00 am – 6.00 pm in Antwerp (Belgium)
Read more here.




ACUTE gathers 12 partners from five different countries (Austria, France, Latvia, Sweden and United Kingdom) and is coordinated by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Institute of Production and Logistics (Austria).

7 of these 12 partners are currently also actively involved in 5 of the 15 EN-UAC projects currently running. Thus a strong involvement in the topics, needs and interests of all EN-UAC projects is part of the consortiums identity.

The partners are:



Dr. Susanne Wrighton:
Prof. Alain L´Hostis:
Mag. Hans Häuslmayer:




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