Action oriented planning, regulation and investment dilemmas. The main project goal was to understand and to co-design how municipalities and planning offices deal with the challenges of uncertainty and economic instability in urban development. The project adopted 6 projects in total, in Istanbul, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Aalborg. It experimented with a community of practice that included housing corporations, municipal officers and private companies to study the economic, legal and design challenges of urban projects.

Results and expected impact
Projects in Europe have witnessed high stress from the global financial crisis. Municipalities addressed socio-economic challenges by reregulating the ways urban design, building requirements and financial models. These policies appear to hardly improve the spatial qualities delivered in the projects and rarely develop an innovative governance processes. They rather keep focus on privatization, deregulation and private-led coordination. The research team expects that these projects will suffer even more from uncertain market conditions in the future and require heavier public support in dealing with unpredictable market events.


Duration: 2013–2016
Contact dhr. dr. Federico Savini
E-mail: f.savini@uva.nl
Budget: 901.455
Partners: Aalborg University (DK) Aalto University (FI) Municipality of Amsterdam (NL) University of Amsterdam (NL) Yildiz Technical University (TR)




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