Cities of Making

Cities of making explores opportunities for strengthening urban based manufacturing in European cities following years of decline and offshoring.

Using a combination of strategic and action research, our ambition is to identify what works in supporting a resilient and innovative industrial base, and to test those solutions in a real-world setting. We will learn from experiences in London, Rotterdam and Brussels – each with a distinct industrial heritage. By the end of the project we will have developed ideas, practices and policies focusing on public authorities (and many other relevant stakeholders) to breathe new life into their manufacturing communities.


Cities of making – Resources for activating new urban industry through technology, spatial design and transition governance.
Duration: 2017–2019
Contact: Adrian Vickery Hill, Latitude
Budget: 958.741.84 EUR
Partners: Brussels Enterprises Commerce and Industry, Latitude Platform for Urban Research and Design, Delft University of Technology, The RSA, l’Université libre de Bruxelles, University College London, Vrije Universiteit Brussel


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