Collective Networks for Everyday Community Resilience and Ecological Transition

The COVID-19 crisis has brought into sharper focus the fragility of our lives and ways of living, but has also prompted solidarity approaches to support vulnerable groups, while highlighting the importance of pre-existing civic practices for social resilience and individual recovery. Against this backdrop, CoNECT will catalyze existing networks for collective action in six EU countries, aiming to boost community organizing capacity by recognizing, mapping, connecting, and strengthening everyday practices of community resilience toward ecological transition. The project will foster collaboration between citizens, thinkers, doers, planners from the partner countries, who will co-design and conduct parallel synergistic Labs implementing joint tools and methodologies with the following goals: 1) map existing spaces and practices of community resilience across different EU contexts; 2) analyze comparatively and conduct transnational co-produced research on resources, partnership models, and stakeholder networks; 3) co-create experimental frameworks for setting up or enhancing places and initiatives of social resilience through collaborations between professionals, researchers and community; 4) set up a digital platform to connect local networks and enhance transformational agency of civic resilience through knowledge sharing; 5) establish indicators, and a monitoring and evaluation framework for community resilience, scalable beyond the participating countries.


Duration: 2022–2025
Daniela Calciu
Budget: 1.600,000 Euro
Partners: Eindhoven University of Technology (NL), UPO – Pablo de Olavide University – Seville, Department of Geography, History and Philosophy, Global Change Research Lab (GCRL) (ES), KTH School of Architecture, Royal Institute of Technology (SE), Again X (Again AS) (NO), Municipality of Eindhoven (NL), Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Towns (ES), Sector One City Hall (RO), National Institute of Heritage (RO), Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism Planning Bucharest (RO), Mouvement Civic R-Urban (FR), École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Paris-La Villette – Chaire EFF&T / ENSAPLV (FR), AAA – Atelier d’Architecture Autogeree (FR), The Chamber of Romanian Architects, Bucharest Branch (RO), The Chamber of Romanian Architects, Sibiu-Valcea Branch (RO), Bucharest Community Foundation (RO), Sibiu Community Foundation (RO), ArkDes — Swedish National Centre for Architecture and Design (SE), Stichting Brainport Smart District (Brainport Smart District Foundation) (NL)




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