Electric Multimodal Transport Systems for Enhancing Urban Accessibility and Connectivity

The e-MATS project aims to advance the next-generation multimodal transport systems via electrification, connectivity and sharing. The project will facilitate the development of multimodal transport systems that connect electric public transit and shared micro-mobility for sustainable, more efficient, and equitable mobility services that enhance urban accessibility and resilience.

The project will tackle critical and unsettled aspects in the current practice and engage key stakeholders at multiple levels in co-creation with considerations of diverse users’ needs and behavioral responses. Areas of innovation include infrastructure planning at the strategical level, system optimisation, network design and management at the tactical level, and vehicle / platoon control and battery management at the operational level, with considerations of diverse users’ needs and behavioral responses.

Solutions will be demonstrated in real-life applications through public authorities and industry partners. These contribute to promoting urban accessibility and connectivity, climate action in the transport sector, and the citizens’ subjective well-being in the long term.


Duration: 2023 – 2025
Contact: Professor Radu-Emil Precup, radu.precup@upt.ro and Professor JIN Sheng
Project coordinator Europe: Politehnica University Timișoara (University, Romania)
Project coordinator China:
Zhejiang University (University, China)
Partners: Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (Research organisation, Sweden), Chalmers University of Technology (University, Sweden), Chongqing University (University, China), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Shenzhen Research Institute (University, China), WSP Sverige AB (Business, Sweden), FellowBot AB (Business, Sweden), Hangzhou Comprehensive Transportation Center (Urban public authority), Enjoyor Ltd Co. (Business, China)




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