In E4-share, the foundations will be layed for efficient and economically viable electric carsharing systems by studying and solving the optimisation problems arising in their design and operations.

As a part of the Urban Europe Pilot Call II, the E4-share project was active between 2014-2017. The project, with its focus on flexible carsharing systems, produced surveys, mappings of user demand data and a policy brief in collaboration with JPI Urban Europe.

The potential of shared mobility services: policy recommendations for urban planners and operators

Based on the project findings, a policy brief – developed in collaboration with JPI-Urban Europe – was published. Read more about the potential of shared mobility services as well as on policy recommendations for urban planners and operators.

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Due to growing awareness and concerns regarding pollution, sustainability and life quality, cities are confronted with severe challenges and need to manage a transformation process that shall lead to less pollution and less energy consumption, while increasing the quality of public space available to citizens. These challenges can be met by flexible carsharing systems based on electric cars which also allow citizens to efficiently use and shift between different modes of transport.


E4-share – Models for ecological, economical, efficient, electric car-sharing
Duration: 2014–2017
Internet: www.univie.ac.at/e4-share
Contact: Markus Leitner, University of Vienna
E-mail: markus.leitner@univie.ac.at
Budget: 1.008.721 EUR
Partners: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Université Libre de Bruxelles, University of Bologna, tbw research GesmbH, University of Vienna




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