The goal of EASIER is to make active and sustainable personal transport modes more attractive, by combining walking, biking, public transport and shared mobility services to multimodal journeys.

Focusing on the travellers’ perspective, EASIER will 1) create new insights on user behaviour and preferences in the new mobility landscape, 2) seamless integration of active and shared modes with backbone public transport through network design, 3) efficient tariff systems that promote the use of sustainable modes, 4) increased attractiveness of terminals through improved physical design leading to increased catchment areas, and 5) more effective regulatory framework supporting improved mobility.


Duration: 2021-2024
Website: www.easier.dtu.dk
Contact: Evelien van der Hurk, Technical University of Denmark
Budget: €1,993,208
Partners: German Aerospace Center – The Copenhagen Metro – The Capital Region of Denmark – Technical University of Denmark –Technische Universität Kaiserslautern – Norwegian University of Science and Technology – Lund University – Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik




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