Empowering Cities of Migration: new methods for citizen involvement and socio-spatial integration

The Empowering Cities of Migration Project (EMPOWER) will empower citizens to work with migration, housing and urban planning specialists to co-design and co-deliver new genderaware approaches for housing and integration in urban areas. Through innovative mixed-method collaborative research, approaches in three European cities – Bochum (Germany), Gothenburg (Sweden) and Birmingham (UK), Community Researchers will be upskilled to co-create new knowledge on the housing challenges and needs of hidden groups and communities. EMPOWER will also explore the impact of COVID-19 on housing governance issues and establish a new Community of Practice for migrant integration.


Duration: April 2021- March 2022
Website: https://www.keele.ac.uk/gge/research/theempowerproject/
Contact: Professor Simon Pemberton
E-mail: s.pemberton@keele.ac.uk
Budget: 290899 Euros
Partners: Keele University – School of Geography. University of Gothenburg – Dept of Sociology and Work Science, University of Applied Sciences Bochum, IFAK e.V., Father Hudsons Care (Brushstrokes community Project), University of Birmingham, Bergsjöns Församlinn




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