A range of technologies, digital innovations and social policies are available for driving the energy transition. However, state of the art solutions and policy initiatives have not yet led to the needed speeding up of the energy transition. The communal uptake of available sustainable innovation in society needs boosting and municipalities are in need of more insight into citizens’ needs for reaching the set climate goals.

In this light, participatory design methods and innovative tools such as virtual reality are emerging that could potentially aid the envisioning and co‐creating of real positive change, and making the transition beautiful, sustainable and inclusive. The proposed study aims to develop and test such creative techniques and uncover and utilize their potential; support municipalities and their professionals in gaining insight into citizen needs and co‐creating the urban sustainable transition by empowering inhabitants in decision making processes and strengthening responsible ownership for a realistic ‘greener’ future. Using a research‐through‐design approach, the project conducts applied research in Latvia, Sweden and The Netherlands to identify and meet the needs and priorities of municipalities, communities and stakeholders.

This project focuses on collaboratively exploring creative imaginations using interactive media (emerging and playful technology such as VR/AR) and participatory design techniques for engaging communities and envisioning sustainable Urban Transitions.


Duration: 2023–2025
Contact: Ruta Vanaga
E-mail: ruta.vanaga@rtu.lv




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