Across Europe, cities are attempting to radically reduce their reliance on car-based mobility. In order to support these efforts, EX-TRA will learn from transition experiments in the streets of six cities: Amsterdam, Bologna, Milan, Ghent, Munich and London.

The project aims to generate insights into: (1) combinations of physical design and regulation to increase diversity and inclusivity of uses and users in city streets; (2) transport and land use conditions to enable walking and cycling accessibility in city districts; (3) complementary shared and micro-mobility and freight delivery options; and (4) strategies of change that can accelerate the transition towards a ‘post-car’ city.


Duration: 2021-2024
Contact: Luca Bertolini (coordinator), Universiteit van Amsterdam
E-mail: l.bertolini@uva.nl
Budget: €1.791.631,00 (funded €1.586.520,70)
Partners: Transport for London – Ghent University – Technical University of Munich – Politecnico di Milano – University of Amsterdam – University of Westminster – City Experience Gmbh




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