The GLOCULL project therefore aims to develop an Urban Living Lab approach for innovations in the FWE nexus that are locally and globally sustainable.

Challenges in food, water and energy systems are locally and globally connected. For local actors, including cities, it is diffi cult to anticipate whether solutions to one issue in the FWE nexus are sustainable across food, water and energy systems, both at the local and the global scale.

To support future implementation of this approach, guidelines and a participatory assessment tool kit will be developed through co-creation in seven Urban Living Labs based on an integrated assessment of local-global interactions in the FWE nexus and transdisciplinary action-research.


Results and outcomes

GLOCULL Food-Water-Energy Nexus Innovation Toolkit

The GLOCULL project aimed to develop an Urban Living Lab approach for locally and globally sustainable innovations in the food-water-energy nexus. To support the implementation of this approach, guidelines and a participatory assessment toolkit has been developed through co-creation processes in seven Urban Living Labs. 

The toolkit supports participatory assessment, not only involving experts but also residents.  It offers three modules with multimedia sources aimed to raise awareness, flow and loop diagrams for system overview to create an understanding of the nexus, and finally spreadsheet calculations for quantitative assessment of nexus innovations.

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GLOCULL – Globally and LOCally-sustainable food-water-energy innovation in Urban Living Labs
Duration: 2018–2021
Contact: Prof. Dr. Ir. Joop de Kraker, ICIS – Maastricht University
Budget: 1.939.186 €
Partners: Maastricht University, Lund University, LUCSUS, School of Public Health University of Sao Paulo, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Arizona State University, Stellenbosch University, Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Brygghuset Finn, Local First Arizona, City of Tempe, Nikko Photovoltaik, City of Phoenix




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