HOUSE-IN: The Housing-Integration-Nexus: shaping exchange and innovation for migrants’ access to housing and social inclusion 

The HOUSE-IN project consortium sees housing as an important element of migrants` social inclusion within urban neighbourhoods and draws on extensive related research. The expertise and established networks allow to cooperatively identify remaining gaps at the housing-integration intersection. The project collects innovative housing strategies, assesses their impact and potential for local integration and stimulates co-creation and co-design processes using the Urban Living Labs approach. In cooperation with multiple local and European stakeholders, HOUSE-IN creates comprehensive knowledge and applicable innovative solutions to achieve better integration through housing in European cities.

Results and outcomes

In light of the increasing diverse immigration to European cities, the
HOUSE-IN project aimed to explore how integration can be achieved through inclusive housing strategies in urban neighbourhoods. As part of its activities, the project ran case studies and established Urban Living Labs in Leipzig, Germany; Vienna, Austria; Riga, Latvia; and Helsingborg and Lund, Sweden. These labs brought together the scientific project partners with various local stakeholders such as municipalities, housing companies, and NGOs, to collaborate and develop innovative solutions for improvement.

Visit the project website to learn more about the outcomes of the HOUSE-IN project.


Article: (2023) „Ankommen“ und Wohnen von Migrant*innen in europäischen Städten (only available in German)

Article: (2023) Refugee migration from Ukraine to other parts of Europe – Challenges to the housing-integration intersection at the city level

Article: (2023) Vienna’s Wohnpartner: Overcoming conflicts in social housing

Article: (2022) Inclusion Potentials of Co-Housing – A look at OASE.inklusiv

Blog post: (2022) Now and then. Precariousness, double standards and racism in housing refugees

Article: (2022) Social housing with self-determination: Wiener Wohnen’s quest to involve tenants in decision-making

Article: (2021) Erschwinglicher Wohnraum für Viele, aber nicht für alle. Zuwanderung und der Wiener Wohnungsmarkt (only available in German)


Duration: June 2021 – November 2022
Contact: Dr. Annegret Haase
Budget: 326,346 Euros
Partners: Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung – UFZ, University of Latvia – Department of Anthropology Studies, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Institut für Stadt- und Regionalforschung, Stadt Leipzig, Referat für Migration und Integration, Internationale Frauen Leipzig e.V., Zusammen e.V., Eutropian GmbH, Shelter Safe House, Lund University – Housing Development & Management, University college london – development planning unit, Malmö University – School of Arts and Communication




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