Integrated systems and analysis of urban Mobility for climate-neutral and susTainable Cities in Europe and China

Focusing on Chinese and European cities, this project aims to provide tools and case studies for optimizing multimodal traffic management, improving urban mobility, reducing traffic emissions, and finding new solutions towards greener mobility practices, climate-neutral and smart cities.

Based on digital twins and big data approaches, smart traffic management technologies and integrated interdisciplinary methods, this project will build an Integrated Urban System (IUS) and key performance indicators (KPIs) for each city. Taking into account the evolving urban planning, energy consumption, transport supply and demand, and group behaviors in each city, the system will improve our understanding of the interrelations among urban multimodal mobility, traffic emissions, air quality and climate change in cities.

The results will allow to quantify the leverage effects observed, and to highlight issues of environmental justice. The results will establish a model for building climate- and environment-smart cities, promoting Sino-European exchanges and cooperation, and jointly exploring climate neutrality pathways under future urbanization processes.


Duration: 2023 – 2026
Contact: Professor Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen, and Professor YU Shaocai
Project coordinator Europe: University of Copenhagen (University, Denmark)
Project coordinator China:
Zhejiang University (University, China)
Partners: University Paris Est Creteil and University Paris Cité (LISA – CNRS) (Research organisation, France), Hebei Agricultural University (University, China), Aarhus University (University, Denmark), Copenhagen Municipality (urban public authority, Denmark)




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