IN-SOURCE will develop a shared urban data and modeling framework to help decision makers (such as governments, utilities, developers, investors) identify, quantify and visualize FWE systems and their interrelations for urban strategic planning and FWE infrastructure investments.

As cities across the globe confront rapid change, they face common metabolic challenges to provide Food Water and Energy (FWE) supplies. IN-SOURCE is based on three case studies in Ludwigsburg (Germany), New York (US) and Vienna (Austria), and will examine scenarios for an integrated CO2-neutral and sustainable infrastructure as well as the scalability and transferability of prototype solutions to other cities.

Results and outcomes

IN-SOURCE Vistoolbox

The Vistoolbox contains all the developed tools within the project. A range of different digital software tools assessing foos-water-energy nexus in the three case study regions Ludwigsburg (DEU), Vienna (AUT) and Gowanus (NYS).

Landkreis Ludwigsburg (Germany) 3D viewer 

Visualises SimStadt simulated food demand, water demand, heat energy demand as well as photovoltaic (PV) potential for building stock of entire Landkreis Ludwigsburg. Using the land-use model of Landkreis Ludwigsburg, additionally SimStadt simulated food potential and bio-energy pontential is visualised.

Meidling (Vienna, Austria) 3D viewer

Visualises SimStadt simulated heat energy demand and PV potential for building stock of Meidling district in Vienna. Additionally classified land use data is also visualised.

Gowanus(NYC, USA) 3D viewer 

Visualises SimStadt simulated heating demand for different building stock design for the neighborhood of Gowanus in Brooklyn, New York City, USA.


Tests your general understanding of the food-water-energy system and will help you engage with the complex topic.

FWE-HANPP Explorer

An interactive web-application enabling to analyse the HUMAN Appropriation of Net Primary Production.


A cohesive data model which allows decision-makers to analyse and visualise the study region’s relation to food-water-energy and its nexus for any urban areas using geospatial information.

FWE Carbon Footprint Calculator CO2-BOO

Helps users monitor and keep track of their carbon footprint of their diet.

WRRF-Planning Guide

Aids planners and other users in visioning the next generation wastewater resource recovery facilities and taking concrete steps toward plants that bring community benefits and meet the comprehensive needs of the future.

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Other results


List of publications


IN-SOURCE – INtegrated analysis and modelling for the management of sustainable urban FWE ReSOURCEs
Duration: 2018–2021
Contact: Prof. Dr. Volker Coors, Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart

Budget: 1.518.657 €
Partners: Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart, New York Institute of Technology, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, City University of New York, Landkreis Ludwigsburg, University of Natural Resources & Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU), bw-engineers GmbH




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