Knowledge Integration for Neighbourhoods in Energy Transition led by Inclusive Communities

KINETIC is a research project, involving 9 partners and 3 demo sites. The project aims at overcoming the existing challenges for PED transformation at the neighbourhood level (integrated vision, green premium gap, low level of awareness), through several ways: (1) deploying an innovative PED feasibility study, mapping the energy potential and energy leaks of the 3 demo sites, (2) linking the energy state-of-the-art solutions to local contexts, with the help of innovative planning tools Energy Transformation Roadmap and Energy Agenda (co-created with the community), and (3) guide the energy-related and relevant planned investments (flexibility options of smart energy management). The innovative aspect of KINETIC is empowering the local communities as key actors of change, creating an informal network of Local Energy Communities (LEC) committed to become an integral part of PEDs. The project also aims to overcome the existing challenges of aligning planning documents- local actors – industry – investments. Methodologies and project results are oriented to overcome these challenges. Beating the green premium is considered possible with the powerful active involvement of local actors, in a transdisciplinary and transgenerational approach.. For ensuring the commitment of local actors (including already present and future LECs), a public statement will be deployed – Local Climate Act, representing a Memorandumof Understanding in accordance with the co-developed Energy Transformation Roadmap and Energy Agenda of the demo areas (neighbourhoods of Bucharest, Copenhagen, Parma).


Duration 2022-2025


Contact phd (C) Codrut Papina


Partners: URBASOFIA SRL; Aalborg University Department of Planning; EURAC Research; Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, University of Palermo – Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Ambientale, Aerospaziale, dei Materiali; Municipality of District 6, Bucharest; City of Copenhagen; Parma Municipality; ISOCARP Institute




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