Problems such as traffic congestion, safety and pollution are difficult to tackle as the mitigation involves multiple urban stakeholders.

The aim of LOOPER is to build a participatory co-creation methodology and platform to demonstrate ‘learning loops’ i.e. new ways of decision-making that bring together citizens, stakeholders and policy-makers to iteratively  learn how to address such urban challenges. The methodology addresses the whole co-creation process. Citizens and stakeholders debate on topical issues, then frame the problem and collect data. The Looper platform visualizes the data, and enables the co-design of solutions which are evaluated and the best are put into practice and monitored.


LOOPER – Learning loops in the public realm
Duration: 2017-2020
Internet: looperproject.eu/
Contact: Dr. Imre Keseru, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
E-mail: imre.keseru@vub.be
Budget: 1.286.749 EUR
Partners: University IUAV of Venice, University of Manchester, S4B, BRAL Citizen Action Brussels, Clicks and Links Ltd., City of Verona, Legambiente




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