Due to the ever-increasing living expenses in urban areas, some population segments are forced to relocate houses, travel further to workplaces, or even adapt their occupations and lifestyles.

To address policy initiatives promoting sustainable urban areas, this interdisciplinary project aims to better understand the complex process of urban dynamics and how they create spatial and social disparities by developing integrated decision support tools for multi-faceted valuation and administration of access to housing and transportation (H+T). These tools involve analyses of (i) individual and household choice behavior concerning travel, housing, and employment, incorporating budget constraints and heterogeneities; (ii) organizational decision-making process incorporating fiscal competitions and services innovation; and (iii) H+T interactions and coordinated policy outcomes on affordable accessibility, equity, and other H+T externalities. The suggested model systems combine the advantages of aggregate and disaggregate methodologies and will be founded on uniform data solutions, with which data will be collected and analyzed across cities of different countries.

This project will not only improve our theoretical and empirical understanding of H+T dependencies and how policies work out differently between the European and Chinese cities, but will also improve decision support tools to facilitate authorities and operators to implement liveable city concepts.


Duration: Starting in 2019, ending in 2022 at the latest
Contact: Dr. Feixiong Liao
Budget: €836,532
Partners: Eindhoven University of Technology – Urban Planning Group, BEIHANG UNIVERSITY – SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China – School of Management, Ecole Normale Supérieure   Paris-Saclay, Beihang University – School of Economics and Management, Université Cergy Pontoise – THEMA, Huazhong University of Science and Technology – School of Architecture and Urban Planning




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