MyFairShare builds on the sufficiency principles to change mobility habits through individual mobility budgets.

The project combines and expands relevant knowledge, data and models to construct a scheme for fair distribution of individual mobility budgets and identifies effective policy strategies. The concept is tested in six different Living Labs varying by scale (community – municipal – (trans-)national) and scope (citizen level– transport management level – strategic development level). The resulting policy toolkits and guidelines support the introduction of socially acceptable mobility budgets on different governance levels, improving urban accessibility and transport equity.


Duration: 2021-2024
Contact: Dr. Alexandra Millonig, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
Budget: €1.659.042
Partners: Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. – AIT Austrian Insititute of Technology GmbH – University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna – Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies – University of Latvia – Transportøkonomisk institutt – London School of Economics and Political Science – Lorenz Consult, planning, content and innovation for postcarbon urban transition (Florian Otto Lorenz e.U.)




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