Holistic assessment and innovative stakeholder involvement process for identification of Positive-Energy-Districts

Stakeholder involvement is by far the most important element for a successful implementation of PED, according to a survey by JPI Urban Europe. From our experience it is crucial to involve key stakeholders such as representatives of municipalities as early as possible in the area development in order to develop PEDs. As so often the phase with the highest degree of design possibilities is also the one where only few data about the future area are available. So decision makers have to make decisions without detailed information and long-term effects. This project provides decision makers with improved information at an early stage and creates a corresponding data-based participation process.

The data will be collected and calculated with the help of a methodology and prepared for the appropriate target group. The target groups can actively use these in the data-driven participation process, consolidate their opinions and make decisions based on data. This process will be tested using real Living Labs of potential PED projects. This concerns the participation process and the development of the necessary data. With the help of this method, the decision on PED sites will be accelerated to reach the goal of 100 PED sites in Europe.


Start/running period: 01.01.21 / 18 months
Applicant: e7 Energie Markt Analyse GmbH
Consortium: SEVEn, The Energy Efficiency Center, z.ú.; Czech Technical University in Prague; White Arkitekter; Sustainable innovation AB




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