Development of innovative PEDs in systems of city-district systems - a transnational comparative study

The overall project goal is to demonstrate and assess methods to improve viability in PEDs by technological and societal innovation in urban agriculture, green/waste management and transport. Including new innovative components into PEDs enables resilient energy supply to the system of urban systems, including urban-rural relationships and transports within this system, by developing ethic business models based on circularly of resources and social innovation. The innovative edge is the inclusion of innovative PED components and improving possibilities for off-grid operation to increase the robustness and viability of PEDs, utilizing viable business models and innovative types of energy carriers via recycling of energy in the food-feed system, biogas and including transports in the PED system of systems. The innovative components that are included into PEDs are other types of energy carriers, via the food system of an urban system, while providing ecosystem services (e.g. closing nutrient cycles ensuring food security, mitigating climate change), improving the liveability in urban areas, and harmonize the urban-rural relationship in Sweden, Turkey and Italy. The expected outcome is improved guidelines for extended PEDs (model of simplified systems of systems) aiming to support new and developed PEDs coupled with creation of innovative and inclusive positive energy communities.


Duration 2022-2025


Contact Dr. Birgitta Raaholt


Partners: RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi – Insaat Fakültesi, Kadikoy Municipality, Link Campus University, Giotto cooperativa sociale, Enermet Enerji Meteoroloji Mühendislik ve Müsavirlik A.S, Comune di Firenze, EURAC Research, City of Stockholm, Development Administration, Västerås stad, VafabMiljö Kommunalförbund, Mälarenergi AB




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