Supporting innovative and ambitious cities and municipalities on their pathway to Positive Energy Districts

Based on the European Green Deal and the Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities a time of big transitions is starting for cities and municipalities all over Europe on their individual pathway to sustainability. To foster the creation of Positive Energy Districts and Neighborhoods in a balanced way, SIMPLY POSITIVE develops innovative strategies, concepts and guidelines to increase the participation level of municipalities and cities.

SIMPLY POSITIVE supports the emergence of Positive Energy Districts and the transition to Climate Neutral Cities. On the example of four focus districts in Austria, Italy, Netherlands and Romania, we will establish and test strategies how to tackle the necessary energy transition. We will analyze different areas which were selected as important by the focus districts:

  • Photo voltaic solar panels (PV) maximization,
  • integration of electric vehicles in mobility concepts and usage as energy storage,
  • usage patterns to increase energy efficiency and
  • common climate and energy action plans.

A standardized energy balance calculation process derived from the European PED definition with the usage of feasible and available data is one cornerstone for increased acceptance. A system for monitoring, seeing and qualifying results helps the verification of the status and the effect of actions performed. Different participation concepts will be evaluated based on their overall impact and likeliness of being accepted.

The generated strategies, recommendations and best practice will be shared within the PED and Smart Cities research community. Dissemination and replication of the created bundle of precise and viable measures supports starting and sustaining the large-scale implementation of 1000s of PEDs and climate neutral cities all over Europe.


Duration 2023-2024


Contact Mag. Helmut Bruckner


Partners: Sonnenplatz Großschönau GmbH, Delft University of Technology – Photovoltaic Materials and Devices group, Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, Fachhochschule Technikum Wien, Denkstatt Romania Srl, City of Settimo Torinese / RINA Consulting S.p.A., Municipality of Resita, PV Works B.V




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