Smart Pedestrian Net

Smart Pedestrian Net is a project focused on improving walkability in cities.

Smart Pedestrian Net has three main goals: 1) assess the conditions provided to pedestrians; 2) estimate the cost and benefits of promoting walkability; and 3) develop a navigation system, by combining specific criteria with pedestrian preferences. The project will be tested in the cities of Porto and Bologna with the aim of guiding urban andtransportation policies. The overall goal is to provide a model to help European cities to be people-oriented by improving walkability as one of the important dimensions of smart sustainable and inclusive cities.


Duration: 2017–2020
WebsiteProject website
Contact Prof. Rui Ramos
Budget: 984.928.00 EUR
Partners: University of Minho, European University Cyprus (EUC), SYSTEMA Research Centre ASIDEES, Porto Municipality, Bologna Municipality, University of Bologna




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