Smart UrbI

European cities face complex challenges that demand smart solutions.

This project puts urban intermediaries, those people who can bring people and resources together in innovative ways, at the heart of smart urban development and sets out to understand how they create social innovation. In four European cities – Birmingham, Copenhagen, Glasgow and Amsterdam, we do fieldwork and develop ‘living labs’, which will serve as sources of research data as well as sites for learning. In short, we will advance knowledge of how intermediaries innovate and generate smart urban development, creating opportunities for dialogue and learning.


Smart UrbI – Smart urban intermediaries – trans-European research, learning & action
Duration: 2017–2019
Contact: Merlijn van Hulst, Tilburg University
Budget: 1.119.063 EUR
Partners: Tilburg University, Roskilde University, The University of Edinburgh, University of Birmingham, Danish Town Planning Institute




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