Sustainable Operations in Urban Logistics

Urbanization and rapid growth in e-commerce and on-demand services demand time-sensitive and fragmented delivery, motivating innovations in sustainable urban logistics. Multi-tier urban delivery networks involve micro-storage and sorting of delivery goods, implying increased use of urban space.

We develop innovative strategies leveraging advanced analytics to cope with the inherent dynamics of urban logistics systems and limited urban space while meeting increasing customer expectations. We explicitly consider couriers’ welfare, recognizing their stress and cognitive strength.

Our approach recognizes the triple bottom line of sustainability: ecological, economic, and social sustainability.


Duration: 2023 – 2026
Contact: Professor Prof Jan Fransoo,, and Professor ZHAO Lei,
Project coordinator Europe: Tilburg University (University, The Netherlands)
Project coordinator China:
Tsinghua University (University, China)
Partners: Kedge Business School (University, France), Sichuan University (University, China), Bordeaux Metropole (Urban public authority, France), Tianjin University (University, China), China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP) (Special interest group, China)




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