SURECITY’s mission is to support smart city level integration of policies and measures towards a low carbon energy system including mobility services keeping in focus the sustainability goals on air quality, sustainable land-use, efficient water use, job creation and improved governance.

This is done by a software platform which bridges the different scientific models to perform a holistic and optimal design of local energy and emission abatement strategies in the medium- and longterm for neighborhoods and cities. End users of this information, e.g. politicians, citizens and companies, can use the platform to assess the social, technological and economic impacts of measures in all major economic sectors.


Surecity – Sustainable and resource efficient cities – holistic simulation and optimization for smart cities
Duration: 2016–2019
Contact: Dr. DI Nicolas Pardo Garcia, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
Budget: 1.319.491 EUR
Partners: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, City of Malmö, Luleå University of Technology, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, 3Drivers, Styrian Energy Agency, City of Judenburg, Municipality of Almada




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