TAP for uncertain futures

Society, accessibility and mobility are in a state of flux, compounded by the global shock of COVID-19.

Through a methodological approach that sequentially addresses theory, practice, design and application, Triple Access Planning for Uncertain Futures aims to advance guidance to improve the resilience and adaptability of sustainable urban mobility plans (SUMPs) in the face of uncertainty. Focus is upon the tripartite contribution to accessibility in our towns and cities of physical mobility, spatial proximity and digital connectivity. Existing urban mobility planning will be critically examined, and seven case study cities in five countries will be used to help achieve the project’s aims.


Duration: 2021-2024
Website: www.tapforuncertainty.eu
Contact: Professor Glenn Lyons, University of the West of England
E-mail: Glenn.Lyons@uwe.ac.uk
Budget: €1,611,411 (total project costs); €1,368,534 (requested funds)
Partners: Mott MacDonald – Cagliari Metropolitan Council – City Municipality of Nova Gorica – Norrköping Municipality – Swedish Transport Administration – Nijmegen City Council – City of Utrecht –Bristol City Council – Transport Scotland – Aberdeen City Council –University of Cagliari – Urban Planning Institute – KTH Royal Institute of Technology – Radboud University – University of the West of England – MuConsult




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