The Art of Belonging

The Art of Belonging: Social integration of young migrants in urban contexts through cultural place-making

Cities across Europe have increasingly become destinations for young forced migrants. This project brings together city leaders, artists, and researchers to promote integration and increase social participation in communities affected by migration. Participation in the arts can enhance place-making and encourages social belonging, and this project will develop, implement, and evaluate arts-programmes for migrants in case-study cities in England, Germany, and Sweden. It will understand barriers to social integration amongst refugees and host communities. This will lead to knowledge translation from the study to develop sustainable solutions to social integration and citizenship.


Duration: March 2021 – September 2022
Contact: Dr Joanna McIntyre, University of Nottingham
Budget: 256,687 Euros
Partners: University of Nottingham – University of Nottingham, Leibniz Universität Hannover – Institut für Berufspädagogik und Erwachsenenbildung, Lund university – Department of Educational Sciences, Nottingham City Council




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