The title of the project – unLoc – is inspired by the concept of “locus of control”, which we use as a metaphorical reference to the symbolism of the architecture of power. In the project, we explore how the history of power relations is reflected in architecture. We use new technologies that can change the way people perceive and understand architecture.

Using historical and social inspirations, computer programming and artificial intelligence, we create a platform for alternative visions of urban space. The project is embedded in the broad context of the history of architecture, urban planning and the ways in which social control, influence and conflict manifest themselves through the structure of public space.

We analyse the architecture of power to select objects with a “difficult history” that are symbols of power and dependence. We focus the research area to post-communist architecture in the countries of the former Eastern Bloc. We explore alternative possibilities, artistic inspiration and dialogue between urban space and its inhabitants.

We want to provide the tool for better understanding of the needs of the city residents, discussing different perspectives and approaches for the urban planning and the platform for creating sustainable and well designed cities.


Duration: 2023–2025
Contact: Jacek Złoczowski
E-mail: jacek.zloczowski@gmail.com




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