Vertical Green 2.0

The project approach the different chances and challenges associated with VG together with citizens affecting or being aff ected by it in order to maximize VG’s acceptance.

Vertical green (VG) has a great potential to cool buildings, to recycle and upcycle wastes, rainwater and grey water, to produce food or bio-energy and to generate green spaces nearly everywhere in cities – almost independent of available horizontal space.

We will re-develop VG according to stakeholder needs, e.g. we will adapt it to diff erent architectures, diff erent climates and reduce maintenance costs through automated machinery so that VG may unfold its full positive impacts to as many urban neighbourhoods as possible. Watch this video!  And read this interview!



Vertical Green 2.0 – Vertical greening for liveable cities – co-create innovation for the breakthrough of an old concept
Duration: 2018–2021
Contact: Dr. Thomas Nehls, Technische Universität Berlin
Budget: 1.351.601 €
Partners: Technische Universität Berlin, National Taiwan University, Urban planning institute of the Republic of Slovenia, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Green4Cities Vienna




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