Vertical Green 2.0

The project will re-invent and re-introduce vertical green systems (VG) as nature-based solutions which have the capacity to close cycles of energy, nutrients and water.

VG re-introduces biological primary production to unproductive land while 2.0 points directly to the participation of all relevant stakeholders when it is about designs, maintenance plans and business models, no matter if profit or non-profit oriented.

VG is understood as a bio-technical solution for the single building, the street and the neighbourhood as well as for the whole city and it is tested for Ljubljana, Vienna and Berlin.


Vertical Green 2.0 – Vertical greening for liveable cities
– co-create innovation for the breakthrough of an old concept
Duration: 2018–2021
Contact: Dr. Thomas Nehls, Technische Universität Berlin
Budget: 1.351.601 €
Partners: Technische Universität Berlin, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Green4Cities Vienna, Urban planning institute of the Republic of Slovenia, National Taiwan University




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