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Urban Lunch Talk #10: From Project Fraction to Synthesis Action

24 January 2020 - 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

EDIT: Listen to the recording of this webinar here.

Welcome to an interactive talk about strategic synthesis in urban transitions. We look into the challenges and enablers that takes us from aggregated project outcomes to synthesis impact. How can we best synthesize  different knowledges and know-how in the urban field, in relation to global agendas and diverese research fields? How can synthesis be used in cross-sector urban policies? Why should it?  Welcome to the celebration of this tenth Urban Lunch Talk- and the first one in 2020!


  • Anna Lisa Boni, Secretary general of EUROCITIES, the network of local and municipal governments of major European cities. Anna Lisa Boni has been secretary general of EUROCITIES since June 2014 and she has more than 25 years of professional experience in EU public affairs in the field of local and regional government. She has successfully worked for a stronger recognition of cities’ challenges within the European agenda. Anna Lisa has a Masters degree from the University of Bologna in political science, and from the University of Leuven in European studies
  • Katarina Larsen, researcher at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm where she studies science, technology, innovation  and organisational studies of knowledge production. Recent work has focused on analysis of university-industry relations and narratives of sustainable urban futures and renewable energy. Katarina works with the JPI Urban Europe ENSCC (The ERA-NET Cofund Smart Cities and Communities) call to synthesise the project results and their impact for cities.
  • Jamal Shahin is a part time Research Professor at the Institute for European Studies (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and part time Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam, and holds a PhD in Politics. He lectures on European Studies and is very interested in the relationship between science and society, and has carried out research on how to optimise dialogue between disciplines, to ensure relevant and useful research can help critique, design and improve policy. He works with PARENT (Participatory platform for sustainable energy management), part of the JPI Urban Europe ENSCC call. Jamal is part of project group that is currently looking to synthesise project results from different calls to improve impact.
  • Participants from anywhere in the world who will join the conversation through the chat room, polls and Q&A sessions. Previous Urban Lunch Talks have attracted visitors from more than twenty different countries, representing urban administration and public authorities, research communities, business representatives and civil society.
  • (Rapporteur) Jonas Bylund(@urbanalys), Research and Innovation Officer in JPI Urban Europe. We will enjoy a wrap up and a meta-reflection from Jonas.
  • (Host) Caroline Wrangsten, urban geographer and Assistant Project Manager in JPI Urban Europe.


    EDIT: This event has been moved from December 6 to January 24, 2020.


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