The Urban Lunch Talks webinars

The Urban Lunch Talks is an interactive webinar series to discuss and synthesize cross-cutting R&I results with diverse stakeholders and places. The webinars present a variety of knowledges and have since 2018 attracted innovators, practitioners and researchers from over 40 countries. The Urban Lunch Talks is an easily accessible space for networking, learning and capacity building. You can participate from wherever you are via your laptop or smart device, listen to invited guests, vote in polls, ask questions and share your ideas in the chat. What do you want to talk about? Nominate a guest!

Upcoming talks

The Urban Lunch Talks have since 2018 attracted participants from 45 different countries and 6 continents. Episode #14 alone had registrants from 39 different countries. In spring 2021 we welcomed you to a series of Urban Lunch Talks based around the themes of the three Driving Urban Transitions Pillars. Stay tuned for information about the lunch talks planned for fall 2021. Make sure the invitations reach you, register to our quarterly newsletter.

Listen to previous episodes

All Urban Lunch Talks are available in a playlist on our Youtube channel.

  • Episode 1: Inclusive Public Space for Urban Liveability- the dilemma (2018)
  • Episode 2: Digital Transitions in Urban Governance- the dilemma (2018)
  • Episode 3: From Urban Resilience to Robustness- the dilemma (2019)
  • Episode 4: Sustainable Land-use and Urban Infrastructure- the dilemma (2019)
  • Episode 5: Towards Positive Energy DistrictsDefining a framework (2019)
  • Episode 6: From Project Partners to Synergy Soulmates – A talk about integrated approaches in urban transitioning (2019)
  • Episode 7: From Test to Success – A talk about how to take Urban Living Labs and experimental approaches to its “2.0”… (2019)
  • Episode 8: From Public Space to Liveability Case – A talk about doing business as (un)usual for liveable urban public space… (2019)
  • Episode 9: From Partnering Globally to Thriving Locally – A talk about having liveable cities rule the world (together)… (2019)
  • Episode 10: From Project Fraction to Synthesis Action – A talk about using strategic synthesis as instrument in urban transitioning… (2020)
  • Episode 11: Innovative governance after the 10th World Urban Forum – How can local authorities benefit from rethinking governance? (2020)
  • Episode 12: Taking action on the land-use and infrastructure dilemma Urban design and the food-water-energy nexus: How will the liveable and healthy city be achieved in the new decade? (2020)
  • Episode 13: Taking action on the resilience-robustness dilemma: Is it time to move beyond the smart city- what is it like over there? (2020)
  • Episode 14: Taking action on the public space dilemma- Liveability, placemaking and AI… should cities go “back to basics”? (2020)
  • Episode 15:  Taking action in capacity building for sustainable futures (December 2020)
  • Episode 16: Positive Energy Districts – The Do’s, Don’ts and Dilemmas (March 2021)
  • Episode 17: Urban Greening and Circularity Transitions – The Do’s, Don’ts and Dilemmas (April 2021)
  • Episode 18: 15-minute Cities – Do’s, Don’ts and Dilemmas (May 2021)

    Participants from 45 countries and 6 continents

    The aim of the Urban Lunch Talks is to spark action for co-creation of knowledge between a diversity of actors and to communicate and make sense of innovative project results. In general lunch talks, the talking points tend to arise at the table. Therefor, we have chosen to provide a discussion framework (inspired by the SRIA 2.0) for each of these webinars, but the final content depends on what you, as a participant, bring to the table. You can listen to the invited guests, and participate using the chat, the Q&A function and by voting in polls. The Urban Lunch Talks pilot introduced the dilemma-driven approach to urban development and innovation and attracted participants in Europe and beyond. Just like in our Agora, the Urban Lunch Talks are a meeting space for urban actors with various backgrounds. Urban transition pathways emerge in the integration of diverse knowledges. Bring yours!

    A dilemma-driven approach to urban research- and innovation

    The Urban Lunch Talks by JPI Urban Europe depart from the dilemma-driven approach to urban issues. What does that mean? You can read more here

    Nominate a guest
    You can nominate guests to the Urban Lunch Talks webinars. Who would you like to hear speak and about what? Has your project delivered some interesting results which you think can be promoted through dialouge? Drop us an e-mail marked “Guest nomination” to 




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