Urban Lunch Talks – A Webinar Series

The Urban Lunch Talks are an introduction to the dilemma-driven approach of the refurbished Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA 2.0), which will be launched at the JPI Urban Europe Policy Conference in February 2019. The SRIA 2.0 has identified four urban dilemmas which will be explored separately in this webinar series.

Togheter with a panel of experts, particpants from anywhere in the world  will join the conversation through chat rooms, polls and Q&A sessions.

Watch the film on JPI Urban Europe’s dilemma-driven approach to urban innovation


Dates and themes:
Webinar 3  –  11 January: From Urban Resilience to Robustness
Webinar 4  –  25 January : Sustainable Land-use and Urban Infrastructure





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