Smart shrinkage solutions: fostering resilient cities in inner peripheries of Europe

3S RECIPE is a project that offers the best practice and most feasible solutions to the problem of urban shrinkage – a continuous population decline affecting more than 1500 cities all over Europe. By learning from the experience of the cities that once were on the edge of an abyss but have bounced back to life, and sharing the key ingredients of their success across Europe and beyond, this project enables as many shrinking cities as possible to adapt, transform, and thrive in the face of continuously and often dramatically changing circumstances.


Duration: 2017–2020
Website:Project website
Contact Dr. Vlad Mykhnenko
E-mail: vlad.mykhnenko@conted.ox.ac.uk
Budget: 1.688.585 EUR
Partners: University of Oxford (UK) École Normale Supérieure University of Amsterdam (NL) University of Lodz (PL) West University of Timisoara (RO) B Arts Ltd (UK) Intercultural Institute Timisoara (RO) University of Birmingham (UK) University of Porto (PT)


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