Tourists generate income for cities and create opportunities for its businesses and employment for its residents.

However, it can also lead to overcrowding, pollution, noise and numerous other problems. This project develops Smart City Hospitality guidelines and tools for cities that could help them find solutions to these problems and actively involve the public in doing so. The latter is crucial, because improving livability of a city for its residents cannot be done without taking their needs and wants into account. Ultimately, this could change city tourism into something that benefits tourists, residents and the environment.


SmartCityHospitality (Scithos) – Implementing low carbon social urban tourism solutions and creating citizen empowerment through smart city hospitality
Duration: 2016–2019
Contact: Prof. Dr. Frans Melissen, NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences
Budget: 956.194 EUR
Partners: NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, Worldline Iberia, MODUL University Vienna Privatuniversität, Western Norway Research Institute, Göteborg & Co, Amsterdam Economic Board, Visit Belgrade, City of Darmstadt, City of Stavanger and Region Stavanger, Valencia Tourism




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