Smart Commuting

This project explores new ways of combining work and life on the move with intelligent and sustainable transport system services.

The first objective of this project is to identify the changing needs of mobile workers. For this objective, the consortium will collect data by surveys, interviews and workshops in Austria, Finland and Switzerland. The second objective is to increase the sustainability of mobility by supporting the implementation of new mobility concepts. These implementations help to scale up our partners’ operations, evaluate how these new concepts meet the evolving needs of mobile workers and discover some common ground for city planning policies.


Smart Commuting – smart and mobile work in growth regions
Duration: 2016–2018
Contact: Prof. Dr. Matti Vartiainen, Aalto University
Budget: 1.966.488 EUR
Partners: Aalto University, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, tbw research GesmbH, ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Virta Ltd. (Liikennevirta Oy), AC2SG Software Oy, Tuup Oy, ISTmobil GmbH, Growth Corridor Finland, Office for Mobility of the Canton of Basel-Stadt




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