Urban Education Live

Innovative urban education in live settings – local presence and mapping technology as tools for urban capacity building and innovation

Urban Education Live will create and test a new model of collaboration between universities and urban communities. In this model, universities act as catalysts of urban change through trans-educational urban capacity building. Both local communities and the learning process of students will benefit. Social mapping will build a local agenda with a high sensitivity to situated knowledge. Urban Education Live establishes local hubs for learning and doing that creates new networks andfoster local innovative ecologies. The project will develop a flexible set of methods, technologies and theory that makes it possible to test and implement the model on a larger scale.


Duration: 2017–2019
Web: UrbEdu.live
Contact Prof. Dr. Panu Lehtovuori
E-mail: panu.lehtovuori@tut.fi
Budget: 1.600.000 EUR
Partners: Tampere University of Technology, University of Sheffield, University of Ljubljana, Urban Transition Association




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