Innovative solutions for neighbourhood transformation: Ecological, qualitative and tailor-made land activation by Villes Vivantes (CAPA.CITY project)

CAPA.CITY (supported in ENSUF) developed a theoretical and operational framework to support collective capabilities- and create smart and robust urban ecosystems. CAPA.CITY successfully identified three location-based experimental learning methods which allow researchers to build trust and create a proper picture of suburban life: prototyping, telling and enacting. The project operated in in five residential subdivisions located in Belgium, Denmark and France. In France, the company Villes Vivantes (start-up of agile, strategic and collaborative urbanism) atteneded to five major fields of intervention with experiments all over France. They can now put forward innovative solutions for a progressive transformation of exisiting neighbourhoods – and the production of an affordable, desirable and accessible city:

In Périgueux the project has its first recorded results of a massive, ecological, qualitative and tailor-made land activation, associated with the refurbishment and core upgrade of existing housings, through results-oriented urbanism.

“The creation of new jobs in the field of architecture and town-planning allows new leverage effects, prompting individual dreams to take-off, thus achieving outcomes without public subsidies but with a strong economic (works initiated), demographic (new households welcomed) and ecological (zero urban sprawl) impact.”


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BIMBY = “Beauty In My Backyard”
BUNTI = “Beautifully Upgraded Nests Tailored with architectural Intelligence”
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