Seeing the Big Picture – An interview with Surecity’s Nicolás Pardo

Today I’m talking to Nicolás Pardo about the project Surecity. It’s a project which aims to give city developers a holistic view of how their future energy mix could look in cities. Nicolás works at the Austrian Institute of Technology and he’s the coordinator for Surecity. His academic background is focused on energy systems, so he seems like the perfect person to coordinate this project. I ask Nicolás to tell me in a single sentence what the project is about. He says, “it’s about creating a platform which allows cities to develop their energy and environment abatement strategies in a easy manner.” Seems like a great aim to me, so I say, “how are you going to do this?”

PED Programme Cities Workshop: Towards a European Positive Energy Cities Network

The Programme on Positive Energy Districts and Neighbourhoods (PED) has the ambition to develop pathways towards implementation of 100 Positive Energy Districts in urban neighbourhoods across Europe by 2025. This is seen as an important contribution to current policies on achieving the goals of reducing Europe’s carbon footprint, managing the energy transition and to cities ambitions towards sustainable urban development.




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